Alcoholism Does Not Only Hurt the Alcoholic


By Kevin Mckean

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol addiction then you know how hard it can be on family and friends.

Alcohol addiction has damaged many families friends and relationships. People who abuse alcohol for many years tend to be oblivious to the fact that they may need help.

Drinking too much alcohol can turn an ordinary person into a monster that friends and family members do not recognize.

Excessive drinking not only causes you to lose friends and family, but also can make you lose your life.


Some people allow themselves to become addicted to alcohol for numerous reasons, which include depression, emotional trauma, or plain old peer pressure.

Some of the effects of alcoholism are, stealing from loved ones, lying about your drinking habits, always wanting more to drink, and disinterest in everyday things like your job.

When someone has an alcohol dependency, there are many signs that if you looked closely enough you would be able to notice in him or her immediately.

Pay close attention to these signs, because without loved ones looking out for them many alcoholics would not get the help they desperately need.

Alcoholics when intoxicated feel like they are on top of the world and all of their problems having disappeared.

However, this is only an illusion; after the initial high leaves them, they realize none of those problems went anywhere.

Because of the alcohol consumption a chemical imbalance occurred while that person was intoxicated, causing the body to react to it.

The body is now so accustomed to that amount of alcohol that without it the body does not function properly.

That is why the longer you are alcohol dependent the harder it is to overcome the addiction.

That is a good example why so many people who try to quit have to go to a professional treatment center or alcohol rehab center in order to kick the habit.

While at these centers, professionals monitor and give support to the alcoholic, because of your addiction to alcohol it could be too dangerous to stop just like that.

With proper treatment, the alcoholic will eventually get better, but professionals must handle it.

It is not wise for someone who has abused alcohol for years to try stopping on his or her own.


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